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Who We Are

We are just two regular guys with families and full-time jobs.  We love the great outdoors and all of the interesting tools and accessories that make our time outside even more enjoyable.

Our Policy

Don’t you find it disturbing to read a gear review written by the manufacturer?  Doesn’t it bother you when 90% of the comments on your favourite forums are written by corporate salespeople?  This sort of nonsense drives us crazy and it’s the reason we started audepi.org.  We are not salesmen.  We don’t want to sell you anything. We just want to help you find the gear that’s right for you, without the sales pitch.  That’s why we test all equipment outside, where you will be needing it, and not in the comfort of a sterile laboratory.  Our policy is simple: honest and objective gear reviews – always.

Keeping In Touch

If you have comments, complaints, questions, or suggestions, please contact us.

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